Country Club is the nineteenth episode of the first season in this television sitcom on Step by Step, that originally aired from ABC on February 28, 1992. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by Alan Eisenstock and Larry Mintz.

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Carol is invited to a country club with the family. At the beginning, Frank is reluctant to go, until developer John Patterson invites him to join his golf team for a tournament, with the promise of a job as contractor for a large office complex Patterson is building. Dana, who is trying to win the eye of Patterson's handsome teen-aged son, Greg (David Lascher), becomes frustrated with Frank's oafish ways and tells Frank in no uncertain terms how she feels. Meanwhile, Frank is instrumental in helping Patterson's team win the golf tournament. Later, Dana overhears Patterson talking to his friends saying that he had no intention of giving Frank the job, he was just using him to get him to help with the tournament. Dana defends Frank, and then blows off Greg Patterson, thinking he is just like his father. Greg later comes to Dana's house to apologize for his father, and to give Frank the trophy. Also, Mark, Brendan, Al , Karen and JT have fun in the club while Cody enjoys his own visit club.

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Carol is eager to join the Port Washington Country Club, but finds it hard to convince two people especially – Dana and Frank.

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