Dana Foster is a main character on ABC family comedy Step by Step. She is portrayed by Staci Keanan.

Dana is Carol's eldest daughter, who is depicted as a smart, wisecracking feminist. She is often seen being openly hostile to the Lamberts, particularly J.T., (with whom she frequently trades barbs regarding his hormonal tendencies with girls, his lack of intelligence and his poor hygiene), Frank (due partly to his perceived "caveman" behavior), and Cody (who has an unrequited crush on Dana, despite being technically related to her as an in-law). She and J.T. generally do not get along. Although having trouble accepting her new stepfather, she later realized Frank was one who went to great efforts to help her, such as when she found herself and a friend of hers sexually harrassed in a sleazy bar, Frank and Cody showed up and defender the girls' honor in a rough barfight.

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