Yo-Yo's Wedding is the seventh episode of the first season in this television sitcom on Step by Step, that originally aired from ABC on November 1, 1991. It was directed by John Tracy and written Meredith Siler.

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So now that their marriage is declared illegal, at first Frank wants to go to City Hall to get married although Carol isn't thrilled with the idea she goes. At City Hall Carol waits for Frank who shows up late and dirty from work. Carols storms off after telling Frank she doesn't want to marry him. Frank and Carol than agree to have a ceremony at their house on the day of Brendan's birthday party. However the clown that Carol hired to entertain cancels at the last minute, forcing Frank to hastily play the role. He doesn't have time to get out of costume before the wedding as the reverend (Bryan O'Byrne) is in a hurry to catch a flight. Meanwhile, Cody enjoys Yo-Yo the clown because he saw him several years ago.

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